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February Blind Tasting | Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Blind tastings are a great way to push one’s understanding of wine, as well as taste a whole bunch of wine in a relatively short amount of time - and an excuse to be objective. 

These are just 6 of the 10 bottles present, but Left to Right.

2008 Ad Vivum - Made by Chris Phelps, Joseph Phelp’s son. Just killer.

2007 Piña - Classic Howell Mountain profile. Walks the old and new world balance well.

2008 Parallel - Melka stretches one’s taste buds well with this one, explosive notes of eucalyptus and grapefruit rind really throws one off. It’s for wine drinker that’s bored with the typical Napa Cabs. 

2008 Round Pond Rutherford - This took home top honors.

2004 B.V. Clone 6 - Although I couldn’t recall what this one tasted like exactly, it scored average on my notes. 90pts is what’s scribbled down. Upon the reveal, a passionate argument for Clone 6 was given and the story almost makes this bottle more memorable. 

2010 The Label - Turley’s first attempt at an Napa Cabernet. Wasn’t bad, but in this company took home last place.

Not Pictured:

2008 Soda Canyon Cellars - Soda Canyon is at 15 degree hill at the top of Atlas Peak. Combined with shallow and volcanic soil the grapes really need to struggle to survive. Wine produced with grapes grown in this AVA of Napa are some of the most interesting in my opinion. They taste like they’re fighting for survival. This bottle was also made by Dave Phinney (You may know him better as Mr. Orin Swift)

2008 Hourglass - This bottle was much too young, and the lack of time did not do it justice. Toward the end of the tasting it was just beginning to come to life. Whole cluster fruit, black, inky.

We also tasted an older Shafer, and a couple other bottles which escape my memory. Fun evening, many thanks to all who participated. 

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