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Pont du Chevalier | 2009 Sauvignon Blanc

A Big Thanks to Tim and Bronwyn for hosting us a few weeks back. Couldn’t wait any longer to open their Pont du Chevalier 2009 Sauvignon Blanc anymore. Excellent choice for today.

From their website:

Our unique mountain site allows us to harvest Sauvignon Blanc at optimal maturity of 23.5º brix while retaining vibrant acidity – just one of the keys to producing our wonderful Sauvignon Blanc. 2009 was ideal, with a long cool growing season.

Vibrant straw color with a greenish tinge. The nose features bright fruit aromas, hinting of fresh green apple, melon, kiwi, lemongrass and key lime pie. A floral note provides a dramatic accent. The flavors are refreshing, bold and focused, and mirror the nose. Balanced acidity is present throughout, building to a lengthy minerally finish.

Cases produced: 150

Pont du Chevalier

Knight’s Bridge

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